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The audiobook lifeline.

The most user friendly audiobook app available(and I have tried most of them) with an amazing free download vintage radio section. A unique educational product for any student studying modern history, and for all people living in the golden age, a pure delight. Although the aesthetics leave a bit to be desired(I certainly preferred the earlier version)a most enjoyable experience. Nothing is perfect but the more I use the new version the more useful features I discover.

Some crashes :/

Good app overall... apart from some crashes once in a while !

La Belle et la Bete

An excellent reader and a good story!

Useless app

I paid $3 just to know the price of books on iTunes. Complete BS

Nice Ap

This Ap is pretty easy to navigate. A large choice of audiobooks are available.

whole world of books at my fingertips

love having so much content available

As a man thinketh

Nice book.


Great selection of free books and the best app available.

So good

I have listened for hours to great and free material. Worth it!


I cant believe I have access to so many books for free! Great way to practice my English and French :D

Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Read the book about 55 years ago, it was fun to listen to it. I am enjoying this app with its classic books and the price is right.


I love this app ! Its so convenient for me !!

Everything I wanted so far

I mean I still need to use it more but its been great thus far!

Great app!

This a great app. Definitely a nice way to make the most out of my idle time. Im a little disappointed in purchasing the "pro", I was under the impression I would have access to more free books, but that doesnt seem to be the case, or even a discount on the books that arent free. But overall, I think its a good app!

Great App!

I absolutely love this app! Its easy to navigate, it has a sleep timer, and lots of free books! You can also buy books if you want to.


Im loving the free production of Madam Bovary

Good easy to use

They have thousands of free audiobook to listen to This is great

Great app

Best audiobooks app Ive found. The interface is attractive and well-done. The app also provides access to several very large free audiobook repositories, including LibriVox.


Has a good selection of free books. Thank you

Buyer Beware

They advertise for free but its really... Free 9,750 of the older books But your going to have to pay for the 100,000 of PREMIUM books which is the newer books.

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